Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THEY'RE REPLACEABLE. WE CAN GET DAVID ALAN GRIER AND MISS PIGGY: Tomorrow morning, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will announce the nominees for the 2013 Emmy Awards. What would make you most delighted to see recognized?


  1. Joseph Finn4:06 PM

    1. Tatiana Mosley, of course.

    2. No one from Modern Family, leading to a nice overhaul of the Best Supporting Comedy awards.

    3. Cinematography for Hannibal, as Sepinwall and Feinberg noted this week. If that doesn't happen it's simply ridiculous.

    3. Jake Johnson for New Girl, which I think should be a lock.

    4. Again borrowing from others (the AV Club in this case), Choreography from Bunheads.

    5. Editing for Survivor, a category it's never won and I honestly think that's a shame.

    6. Another negative one, I'd love to see some backlash against series submitting to the miniseries category and see American Horror Story get kicked to the curb. Sorry, The Hour, that goes for you as well.

  2. The Pathetic Earthling4:15 PM

    I seem to remember they didn't even submit Charles Dance for Tywin Lannister, but that guy is just brilliant. The stiffening in his face and the slightest break in his voice when he told Tyrion that he resisted drowning the kid was evil and heartbreaking all at once.

  3. Marsha4:28 PM

    Parks & Rec. Pretty much anything from Parks & Rec - actors, writers, directors, anything.

    But especially Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza.

    I really wish there were a Best Ensemble Emmy. It's the only slot where the crew at Happy Endings could ever have a shot at recognition, and they deserve one. I'm really going to miss that show.

  4. Dan F4:31 PM

    At this point I don't care about anybody besides Maslany, who deserves a nomination in a just world. The Emmys are too arbitrary to hope for any more underdogs...

  5. Joseph Finn4:37 PM

    Absolutely. A damn shame he didn't submit.

  6. Christy in Philly5:01 PM

    Maslany, Maslany, Maslany. I don't care about any other nominations. Just give Tatiana the award!

  7. Nikolai Coster-Waldau. Really, anyone from GoT other than Dinklage. Don't get me wrong, I love Dinklage as Tyrion, but others (not to be confused with Others) from the show deserve recognition. I don't know how they chose who to submit, but among those submitted, NCW and Michelle Fairley are the most deserving.

  8. Randy5:29 PM

    We all agree that "Smash" was a pretty bad show, but for those three glorious minutes that showcased Megan Hilty singing the hell out of "They Just Keep Moving The Line", the show became something incredible, something timeless. That was easily the best original song the show produced, and I hope it gets a song nomination, and I hope it has a life after the show. (I think Hilty's been performing it since then, so that's a good start.)

    Rob Lowe for "Behind the Candelabra", of course... if only for the way he swallowed. (Not in the dirty way, ew.)

    It's not going to happen, but I'd LOVE to see "Homeland"'s nominations kept to an absolute minimum. That show went irretrievably wackadoodle after "Q & A". Any show that unironically features a character literally crying over spilled milk isn't worthy of nominations.

    "The Americans" for everything in Drama, "Parks and Recreation" for everything in Comedy. Vera Farmiga for "Bates Motel". Jonathan Banks for "Breaking Bad".

  9. Duvall5:33 PM

    Would still be nice to see a writing nomination for Henry Bromell for "Q & A" though.

  10. Duvall5:36 PM

    Sutton Foster for Bunheads, plus what everyone else has said.

  11. Randy5:42 PM

    And I guess I'm fine if Lewis and Danes get nominated for "Q & A", too... though their mugging - especially Lewis' - in the later episodes was embarrassing.

  12. Duvall5:58 PM

    But American Horror Story is a miniseries! It's an entirely new setting and group of characters each year.

  13. Tosy and Cosh6:22 PM

    In the "never gonna happen" category, Eden Sher for The Middle. I remain unconvinced that anyone is giving a better supporting performance in a comedy.

  14. andrewraff6:43 PM

    And it's a crowded category, but I wouldn't have any problem with Mandy Patinkin getting a nod for supporting actor

  15. andrewraff6:52 PM

    In the never-going-to-happen-but-would-be-deserved-and-awesome would be anything for Enlightened. See also, Treme.

  16. Joseph Finn6:56 PM

    It's an anthology series with with a different story each year!

  17. Saray7:40 PM

    Sutton. All of the Bunheads choreo. All of the Parks & Rec! Do we still have a year of 30 Rock eligibility?

  18. Duvall7:42 PM

    What's the difference between that and a series of miniseries - the structure of the contract between the network and the production company?

  19. Joseph Finn7:54 PM


  20. I love Tyrion, but Nikolaj Coster-Waldau earned an Emmy in that bathtub monologue scene.

  21. Adam B.8:39 PM

    See, e.g., the title to this post. I want a Krakowski nom.

  22. Matt (mobile)8:55 PM

    I'd love to see Sutton (the sole submission the show made in any acting category, but it's a tough tough sell). You have to assume Fey, Poehler, and Dunham are in. (Deservingly so.) Add in Deschanel (deserving) and McCarthy (giving her all on a mediocre show) and you have one slot left, and Edie Falco seems to find it impossible to not get nominated. (You also have Laura Dern with very strong critical backing, and JLD).

  23. Duvall9:44 PM

    I would just as soon see McCarthy not get another nomination or win for Best Movie Star on an Unwatchable TV Show.

  24. I don't follow this stuff as closely as some of you, and this is of course highly subjective, but it seems at least possible that the "Best Drama" slate could be the strongest ever. It's likely to be some combination of The Americans, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Homeland, and Mad Men, right? (I'm not up on Justified - maybe that's in the mix, too?) That's a pretty effing impressive line-up.

  25. Jim Rash for supporting actor in a comedy. (I don't think I can support Community for anything else this season.)

  26. KCosmo11:47 PM

    The Americans!