Monday, July 15, 2013

NOT GREAT, LIZZIE!  During his Mad Men hiatus, Vincent Kartheiser is playing Mark Darcy in a stage production of Pride & Prejudice in Minneapolis.


  1. Sophietje5:02 PM

    Oh, my Colin Firth fan-girl is coming out: Fitzwilliam! :)

  2. Adam B.5:29 PM

    Related: the giant Soaking Wet Colin Firth statue in Hyde Park, London:

  3. Adlai6:14 PM

    Fitzwilliam Darcy.

  4. Jenn.6:37 PM

    Um, really? Now, Mr. Collins, I could see. But....

  5. Joseph Finn8:46 PM

    I've a friend up there who saw it and a friend from San Francisco who saw it on vacation and both had high praise for him.

  6. Bobsyeruncle11:35 AM

    I'll second that. He's perfect for Colllins. He's got the priggish quality down for Darcy, but he's just such a weasel - I don't buy him playing Darcy's core decency and vulnerability. (And it's not just because of Pete - he was a totally unlikable douchnozzle as Connor on ANGEL. And when I ran into him that one time at Target. Dude is just weaselly)