Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'LL TAKE "THINGS WHICH SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED BY NOW" FOR $600, ALEX: Some Drexel students are working on adapting EZ Pass technology to pay for on-street parking automatically, plus using GPS to let folks know where available parking spaces are.


  1. It's the second half that I'd potentially find more helpful, honestly. No more leaving an extra half-hour early to make sure you can drive around uselessly trying to find a spot only to end up in an overpriced lot.

  2. Marsha1:48 PM

    No! Bel! Prize! No! Bel! Prize!

  3. Governor Squid3:59 PM

    I'm not sure I understand the benefit of GPS notification. If I'm at any sort of appreciable distance, then I can be pretty sure that the space will be taken before I get there. If I'm very close by, I can see it with my eyes.

    All I can imagine is a bunch of super-connected drivers rolling around downtown and all simultaneously shouting "SHIT!" when somebody takes the spot they were all heading for.

  4. The Pathetic Earthling2:25 PM

    We have a Nissan Leaf and while we never drive it very far, it's amazing how much stress is added to your drive when you know there's an open charger down at Whole Foods or in the Public Garage or whatnot. Doesn't matter than you are going to save $1.10 or something by charging there and not at home... you want that space. You need that space.