Wednesday, July 24, 2013

IMPORTANT NEWS FROM GREAT BRITAIN: After careful consideration, the Bank of England has decided to place Jane Austen on a forthcoming £10 note. Among other things, it will contain on its reverse side a quote from Pride and Prejudice,  “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”, and may look something like this.  It will not, however, depict a mammoth, soaking wet Colin Firth emerging from a lake.

Also: George Alexander Louis. I was hoping they'd throw in Spencer somewhere.


  1. Joseph Finn2:02 PM

    Excellent news! Now put Twain's hilariously wrong Austen quote on the obverse.

  2. bellawilfer2:24 PM

    I agree, Adam - I'm very disappointed in the lack of "Spencer." Also, I guess the Brits don't associate "George" with "Costanza" the way my brain does?

  3. Randy2:49 PM

    As has been pointed out on twitter: LOUIS is George Costanza's middle name, and he was played, of course, by Jason ALEXANDER.

    I hope they name their first daughter Phoebe Monica Rachel.

  4. MidwestAndrew3:30 PM

    What a G.A.L. that Prince is! Er... Also, many of my friends who are parents have cutesy nicknames for their children, so what will be the young prince's nickname by William and Kate? George is not a name that lends itself to cutesy parental nicknames (Georgy Porgy? Lame.)

  5. So, wait, does a 10 pound note now constitute a "good fortune" sufficient to render a man in want of a wife?

  6. The Pathetic Earthling3:59 PM

    10 pounds? We deal in guineas here, Good sir!

  7. Adlai8:32 PM

    What a weird P&P quote.

  8. Sophietje11:00 AM

    What does this say about me- when I first read about the new image, I immediately thought that I need to plan a visit to the UK soon. Then I decided that it might be better (cheaper) to just find someone to send me a note.

  9. Genevieve11:37 AM

    Yes, it's an odd one to pick. It's Caroline Bingley, and she's not speaking sincerely, but trying to impress Darcy.