Thursday, August 8, 2013

LOVE WON'T HURT ANYMORE:  The MS Pacific (nee Pacific Princess) is heading for the scrap yard.  Now, I have never been on a boat larger than an English Channel ferry, but watching the Love Boat, it seemed so big and luxurous.  But a quick comparison of Pacific Princess, which was christened in May 1971 to the Oasis of the Seas, christening in November of 2009, shows just what forty years has done to the industry.  16,000 tons v. 225,000; 650 passengers v. 5,500.  550 feet v. 1,180.

Shout outs to the crew of the Pacific Princess are encouraged.


  1. J. Bowman6:07 PM

    Bernie "Doc" Kopell has a recurring role on That Girl, which plays at 6:30 every morning on my television.

  2. Adam B.6:07 PM

    Your Yeoman Purser. Also, did anyone ever count how many women Dr. Bricker bedded during the course of the show, and what percentage of his hook-ups constituted violations of doctor-patient ethics?

  3. Karen9:03 PM

    I'm really surprised by how little Love Boat information there is on Wikipedia. I figured that show would be extensively cataloged.

  4. I had a full cast of Love Boat action figures when I was a kid. It kills me that I didn't keep them because they would be AWESOME in my cube at work. The Love Boat/Fantasy Island block was really the best Saturday night ever.

  5. mikeski10:55 AM

    At what precise moment, I wonder, did Gavin McLeod become Captain Stubing instead of Murray Slaughter in the public consciousness?

  6. Eric J.11:30 AM

    Isaac was the man.