Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NOM NOM NOM: Icona Pop's "I Love It" may have lost to "Blurred Lines" as Song of the Summer, but has "Blurred Lines" been covered by Cookie Monster?  I think not.


  1. I still hadn't heard "Blurred Lines" until about 2 weeks ago, and when I sought it out I realized why - it's the song with what sounds like (or is?) the Michael Jackson squealing sample, so I always reach for the dial the MOMENT I stumble across it.

  2. Jordan11:18 AM

    This may be a little off topic, but when can you say the word "bitch" on the radio? I only ask because it's so poorly looped out of "I Love It" on most stations. It's a word fine with oldies, classic rock and "urban" stations, but not top 40 types. But I don't remember Meredith Brooks having a problem (with an almost identical lyric), so what changed?

  3. Lord knows (though most of the time I've heard I Love It, "bitch" is looped with "chick"). It also seems to depend on market--for instance, in NYC, they don't loop "your sex takes me to paradise" from Bruno Mars' Locked Out Of Heaven, but in Pittsburgh, "sex" was blanked.