Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BREAK UP THE PRINTING PRESS AND YOU BREAK UP THE REBELLION:  In fun Christmastime news, I found out that my cousin sold her first novel -- Gutenberg's Apprentice -- to HarperCollins.  It's an historical novel set against the creation of moveable type, the financier who bankrolled the effort, and the financier's son who went to work for Gutenberg.  They're supposedly going to make a big push with this one, so hopefully you'll be hearing more about it.

It's doubly fun for me because my cousin learned printing from our grandfather, who worked as a printer in San Francisco for fifty years.


  1. Jordan6:18 PM

    Where are the zombies? Or the vampires? Don't you know how historical fiction works these days?

  2. Joseph Finn8:52 AM

    Congratulations to your cousin! And that sounds right up my alley, subject-wise.

  3. InertiaGirl1:42 PM

    Congratulations to your cousin! I believe that this book checks many of my boxes: Historical novel? check. "Nerdy" subject matter? check. Recommended by a Thingthrower? check. I will be waiting the publication.

  4. What great news! Congratulations to your cousin.