Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MAD DOG HURT:  Congratulations to Greg Maddux (97.2%), Tom Glavine (91.9%), and Frank Thomas (83.7%)for being elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on their first ballots. However, defying the Gizmo as well as your own preferences, Craig Biggio fell a painful two votes short, with Mike Piazza and Jack Morris (in his final year) next in line. Rafael Palmeiro wags his finger off the ballot with 4.4%, but Sammy Sosa remains on.

Full results below:

Greg Maddux 555 (97.2%) 1
Tom Glavine 525 (91.9) 1
Frank Thomas 478 (83.7) 1
Craig Biggio 427 (74.8) 2
Mike Piazza 355 (62.2) 2
Jack Morris 351 (61.5) 15
Jeff Bagwell 310 (54.3) 4
Tim Raines 263 (46.1) 7
Roger Clemens 202 (35.4) 2
Barry Bonds 198 (34.7) 2
Lee Smith 171 (29.9) 12
Curt Schilling 167 (29.2) 2
Edgar Martinez 144 (25.2) 5
Alan Trammell 119 (20.8) 13
Mike Mussina 116 (20.3) 1
Jeff Kent 87 (15.2) 1
Fred McGriff 67 (11.7) 8
Mark McGwire 63 (11.0) 8
Larry Walker 58 (10.2) 4
Don Mattingly 47 (8.2) 14
Sammy Sosa 41 (7.2) 2
Rafael Palmeiro 25 (4.4) 4
Moises Alou 6 (1.1) 1
Hideo Nomo 6 (1.1) 1
Luis Gonzalez 5 (0.9) 1
Eric Gagne 2 (0.4) 1
J.T. Snow 2 (0.4) 1
Armando Benitez 1 (0.2) 1
Jacque Jones 1 (0.2) 1
Kenny Rogers 1 (0.2) 1
Sean Casey 0 (0) 1
Ray Durham 0 (0) 1
Todd Jones 0 (0) 1
Paul LoDuca 0 (0) 1
Richie Sexson 0 (0) 1
Mike Timlin 0 (0) 1


  1. Couple things:

    1) Dan Le Batard was the hero who gave his vote to Deadspin:

    2) Everyone who didn't vote for Maddux should have their voting rights taken away and be imprisoned for at least a month.

    3) Cool Hall of Fame when one of the best hitters and one of the best pitchers in the history of the game don't crack 36%. Really cool stuff.

  2. Joseph Finn2:40 PM

    I want to look at the 15 ballots that didn't have Maddux (leaving aside the one guy who only voted for Jack Morris) and correlate them to see the overlap with people who didn't vote for Martinez and Raines. (The Biggio and Bagwell lack of votes is just plain silly, so enough said there.)

  3. Adam C.3:20 PM

    I wonder how many of the ballots that omitted Maddux also voted for the max of ten. If so, likely they left Maddux off for strategic reasons, knowing Maddux was a no-doubter but wanting to throw a vote to their #11 candidate.

  4. So does this render Le Batard no longer hateable?

  5. If that was the case, I'd be willing to consider house arrest or parole.

  6. Adam B.4:28 PM

    via BBTF, difference in votes from 2013, for holdover guys:

    Biggio: + 39
    Piazza: + 26
    Bagwell: -29
    Raines: -34
    Clemens: -12
    Bonds: -8
    Smith: -101
    Schilling: -54
    Martinez: -60
    Trammell: -72
    McGriff: -51
    McGwire: -33
    Walker: -65
    Mattingly: -28
    Sosa: -30
    Palmeiro: -25

  7. Adam B.4:30 PM

    At least three voters have said they only left Biggio off b/c of the 10-vote cap. In other words, more than 75% of BBWAA voters want him in the Hall ... but he's not in.

  8. Adam C.5:00 PM

    What was Morris's delta?

  9. Joseph Finn10:24 PM

    That Raines number is just depressing. Thank goodness he has 8 more years of eligibility.

  10. Adam B.10:48 PM

    The 10-vote limit killed people this year, and it doesn't improve next year with Unit, Pedro, Smoltz, and Sheffield joining the ballot.

  11. Adam B.11:18 PM

    Perfect for today, as others have suggested:

  12. Adam C.7:42 AM

    Seems about right.

  13. Adam C.7:47 AM

    There does seem to be some real sentiment among (some) BBWAA members on Twitter that it's time to change the 10-vote rule. Whether that translates to action is another story. Some (looking at you, Murray Chass) undoubtedly will argue a variation of "We elected three guys after none last year, and there was intense interest in the results - what's the problem with the current system?"

  14. Adam C.7:51 AM

    Whereas a lot of people think of the HOF as a place to honor the best baseball players of all time, a lot of the eligible voters seem to have decided over the past five years or so that the HOF is a place to honor the best baseball players of all time that, so far as we know, didn't have bacne during the last two decades.

  15. mikeski9:58 AM

    Settle down there, Sparky. Nothing could render LeBatard "no longer hateable".

  16. Whatever else I might think about the Hall of Fame, it's been a real pleasure reading all of the stories about Maddux. Watching that man pitch was like watching an artist create a masterpiece. I was glad for Glavine and Thomas, as well, though (like so many other people) my focus has been more on Maddux. Which kind of seems a shame for the other guys.

    Next year, Smoltzie!

  17. mikeski4:15 PM

    Le Batard has now been disavowed:

  18. Dave C.4:53 PM

    I agree that Bonds and Clemens should be in the Hall, but I wouldn't have voted for them this year. There are now about 15 worthy players on the ballot and each voter can only choose 10. If I were a voter I wouldn't punish guys like Edgar and Trammell because a bunch of PED users clogged up the ballot. I'm fine voting for PED users, but not when it's a zero sum game that will cost non-users a vote.

  19. Marsha1:13 PM

    If he'd sold the ballot, I could understand this. But all he did was crowdsource it. What's invalid about that? No other writer gets any input at all on his choices before submitting? Yeah, I see that he stick a finger in their sanctimonius eye, but I can't really see what the problem is beyond embarrassment.