Thursday, February 6, 2014

ALL THESE BREWERIES ARE YOURS, EXCEPT ANCHOR.  ATTEMPT NO DRINKING THERE:  Given the East Coast focus of our audience, I thought I'd share with you folks the good news that Sierra Nevada is opening a brewery in Mills River, North Carolina and Lagunitas is opening one in Chicago.  Sierra Nevada's Porter is one of my all time favorite beers.


  1. Andrew3:28 PM

    In East Coast beer news, Long Island's Blue Point was acquired this week by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

    I can't say that Blue Point is in the top tier of NY area brewers (or even the best on Lon gisland), But then, acquisition by AB hasn't drastically affected the quality of Goose Island's brews, either.

  2. Dan Suitor3:38 PM

    Oh, I'm sorry: I can't hear anyone over the sounds of people worshipping at the various tap-altars scattered around the Colorado Beer Mecca.

  3. Joseph Finn8:02 PM

    So, I see you're still not getting Bells or Great Lakes out there. How unfortunate.

  4. Joseph Finn8:03 PM

    Yeah, sadly AB buying Goose didn't make them good.

  5. Mr. Cosmo11:23 AM

    Awesome post title. Alternative:

    "Because, in all the galaxy, they had found nothing more precious than beer, they encouraged its brewing everywhere."