Friday, February 7, 2014

BUILDING BLOCKS OF A FRANCHISE:  Based on response from the earlier thread and the probably 80% full screening I went to on the Upper West Side this afternoon, I think a spoiler thread for The LEGO Movie is in order.  I found it a delight, but three spoiler-y discussion points after the break:

1.  Did the framing device introduced at the end work for you?  I found it authentically moving, though I can certainly see folks finding it to be leaden and manipulative.  (It also reminds us that Will Ferrell can bring the emotion when a part calls for it, rather than just being silly.)

2.  Which of the cameos was most impressive?  My immediate answer is that they managed to get Lucasfilm to consent to a brief use of Star Wars characters and get 3/4 original voices for the part (it's a soundalike, not Harrison Ford, as Han Solo).

3.  It sure sounded to me that the unseen voice of "Mom" at the end was Elizabeth Banks.  Now, that certainly makes sense from a narrative perspective, but isn't it also more than a bit Oedipal?


  1. Jenn C2:27 PM

    When the live action stuff came in, I thought we would see more of the universe as people (maybe Will Arnett as the dad's jerky boss or something) so I'm glad they just limited it to Will Ferrell. I liked it, I found it moving and I enjoyed the cutting back and forth.

    I googled the cast list--the mom's voice isn't EB.

  2. The Pathetic Earthling10:38 PM

    That was delightful. I think the movie would have worked just as well without the framing device, but as a Lego-fanboy/Dad, it was really well done (I'm not like that! I hope…)

    I loved the reverence with which they treated the history of Lego - not only lots of cameos of sets and universes, but bringing in shout-outs to some well-loved sets pretty obscure parts (the LL929 on the spaceship at the end was a strong reference to set 928 the Galaxy Explorer -- probably the single coolest classic space set).

    The part alone will set you back $10 (ürdKind_Spielzeug_Lego&hash=item2588aa6a2a)

  3. Adam C.10:04 AM

    Loved the Star Wars cameos, even if they couldn't get that old grump to voice Solo. Loved everything about the "council" scenes too, for that matter, especially Shaq. Every single Green Lantern (Jonah Hill) bit made me laugh.