Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NOBODY BAKES A CAKE AS TASTY:  Delaware Valley, rejoice: the Tasty Baking Company celebrates its 100th birthday today. Love, love, the butterscotch krimpet.


  1. Jenn C10:01 AM

    Do you eat it frozen? My husband freezes the krimpets and eats them frozen. I am partial to the KandyKakes.

  2. Adam C.10:14 AM

    The Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes, more specifically (which I grew up knowing as Tandy Kakes).

  3. Jenn C10:27 AM

    Oh my goodness, there is a Butterscotch Krimpet Tiramisu recipe on their website. I think I need to try that.

  4. Genevieve10:42 AM

    Hm, I have never had one of those but I am very partial to butterscotch.

  5. Meghan12:13 PM

    Holy cow, when I found the butterscotch krimpet in a store here in NC, I almost cried. Love the krimpet. And most of the rest of their offerings.

  6. Christy in Philly2:32 PM

    The proper way to eat Butterscotch Krimpets, frozen or otherwise, is after you have rubbed them on your belly to ensure there is no static attaching the frosting to the plastic. No, seriously!

    I'm partial to Kandy Kakes, frozen, either peanut butter or chocolate. I too called them Tandy Kakes, while growing up.

  7. Jordan2:40 PM

    Chocolate Junior. Chocolate Kandy Kakes. Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes. Eclaire Pie. In that order.

  8. The Pathetic Earthling8:26 PM

    I think fondly onto my one (and only) experience with Tasty Cakes, in that you had put some into the welcome bags at the hotel ahead of your wedding. It is such a specific cultural touchstone that I felt somehow that I wasn't honoring them. I had no spirit guide on a Peyote trip. I had no tamae - 手前 - to properly sequence the tea ceremony. It was that awkward moment when I see non-Catholic Christians judge themselves against the standards of communion. And I fear I dishonored it and them and you.

    But I was hungry.