Sunday, March 30, 2014

FULFILLING OUR CANCON REQUIREMENTS FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS:Tonight is Juno Night in Winnipeg, honoring achievements in Canadian music this year.  Demonstrating that Canada isn't quite just like America, only cleaner, the big winner thus far is Serena Ryder, who's won both solo artist of the year and songwriter of the year, and who seems to present kind of a harder-rocking, less jazzy Amy Winehouse vibe.  (She beat Robin Thicke, Drake, Michael Buble, and Celine Dion for solo artist, and beat Tegan and Sara, Arcade Fire, and a guy who co-wrote "Roar," "Wrecking Ball," and "Timber" for songwriting.)  Justin Bieber also picked up his fourth straight "Fans Choice" award.


  1. Meghan6:39 AM

    That Stompa song is catchy. I find myself singing variations of it while encouraging my girls to brusha their teeth and washa their hands.

  2. "Stompa" was HUGE up here for most of 2013. It, a bit surprisingly, became an anthem at NHL games and during TV montages in the NHL playoffs. (Also, I actually heard it during TV coverage of an NFL game in last fall. By which I mean, it was played in the stadium during a break in the game.)

    Ryder's been around for about a decade, and the success of "Stompa" (and they album as a whole) was a nice comeback for her. (Me, I prefer its followup single, "What I Wouldn't Do.") We actually saw her perform as the opening act for Melissa Etheridge in 2011 - and "folkier Etheridge" is probably a more apt comparison than Winehouse.

  3. D'Arcy10:06 PM

    Technically, Bieber didn't "pick up" his Fans choice award, as he wasn't in attendance. And Serena Ryder's hometown is a very small town about 20 minutes from where my parents live. If I were a little younger, we would have gone to high school together.