Thursday, April 3, 2014

FROM THE HOME OFFICE, IT'S TONIGHT'S TOP TEN:  No details yet, but apparently, on tonight's broadcast, David Letterman will announce he's retiring in 2015.  (Interestingly, broke when one of the guests on tonight's show tweeted the news.)


  1. bill.8:17 PM

    With only a few breaks, he's hosted interview shows since 1980. More than past time for some new blood. Or newish.

    Age they started:
    35 -- Letterman started Late Night with David Letterman
    37 -- Johnny Carson takes over the Tonight Show
    42 -- Jay Leno takes over the Tonight Show
    33 -- Conan O'Brien, Late Night with Conan O'Brien
    46 -- Conan O'Brien, Tonight Show
    35 -- Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
    40 -- Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show
    53 -- Joan Rivers, late Show
    33 -- Arsenio Hall, Arsenio Hall Show
    41 -- Seth Meyers, Late Night with Seth Meyers
    43 -- Craig Ferguson, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

    current age:
    44 -- Tina Fey
    43 -- Amy Poehler
    52 -- Jon Stewart
    50 -- Stephen Colbert
    ?? -- Retta
    56 -- Ellen DeGeneres
    47 -- Louis C.K.
    55 -- Paula Poundstone (1993's The Paula Poundstone Show was brilliant, until ABC chickened out and canceled it 4 episodes.)

    I haven't heard

  2. bill.8:19 PM

    I haven't heard much in the way of new names, who have you heard mentioned? I threw Retta in there because that might be fun.

  3. Joseph Finn8:20 PM

    I'd watch Retta live-watches Scandal.

  4. bill.8:33 PM

    Are you listening, CBS? This is my final offer:

    Mon-Thurs, Retta
    Friday, a Top of the Pops/Midnight Special style show with Amy Sedaris

  5. Roger8:52 PM

    41 -- Maya Rudolph

  6. bill.8:59 PM

    ?? -- W Kamau Bell

  7. When I first clicked through to the tweet, I was wondering why a former R.E.M. member was a guest...

  8. Adam B.10:25 PM

    Yes, yes, yes, but the creepy stuff with the female staffers still belongs in the second paragraph. We can't ignore it just because we like him.

  9. The Late Show with Jimmy Fey.