Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RON SWANSON APPROVED:  Among the new concession items the Texas Rangers are rolling out this season?  Bacon on a stick, dipped in a fresh maple glaze just before serving.  There's also a two foot long hot dog (called the "Boomstick") and frozen beer, which is 8 ounces of cold beer "topped with 20-degree frozen beer that's swirled on top as if it were soft-serve ice cream."  (Opening day in Arlington is March 31.)


  1. bill.7:26 PM

    It isn't on a stick, but if you're near Atlanta head about 45 minutes north to Cumming and stop in at Dutch Monkey Doughnuts. It's pastry level doughnuts and my favorite is the bacon wrapped doughnut drenched with maple syrup.

  2. Adam C.9:03 PM

    You forgot the Choomongous: two feet of Asian-spiced beef, a spicy slaw and Sriracha on a bakery-fresh bun, named for the Rangers new LF (

  3. Adam C.9:21 PM

    The highway sign for Cumming, GA was a guaranteed 15-minute laff riot on the bus from the Atlanta airport to summer camp. Never stopped there, though.

  4. Joseph Finn9:26 PM

    Oddly, Comiskey Park is introducing bacon on a stick as well.

  5. bill.8:12 AM

    For what it's worth, Climax, GA is at the opposite end of the state. It's a long drive.

  6. jbreddick10:04 AM

    A sandwich that needs a carrying case? We need to get @nprnews Sandwich Monday team on that.