Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OR JEFF DANIELS JUST WINS AGAIN FOR THE NEWSROOM:**  Rather than submit itself (as expected) as a miniseries for Emmys consideration, True Detective has opted to compete in the Drama category. This significantly affects the odds of Matthew McConaughey earning a [we're still working on the catchy name] for winning an Oscar and Emmy in a single calendar year, as did Liza Minnelli, Helen Hunt, and Helen Mirren before him, but the likely alternative is that Bryan Cranston wins a [we don't have a name for that either] for earning both Tony and Emmy in the same year.

** I blame Randy for alerting me to this possibility.


  1. Joseph Finn11:17 AM

    Well, of course it's competing as a drama; it's certainly not a comedy. (As for the other thing, it's already been renewed for a second season so it's obviously not a miniseries and only the most craven and desperate of cable networks would have submitted it in that category.)

  2. If McKellen and Stewart are doubly eligible, wouldn't Rylance be so as well?

  3. No. The Rylance rep productions billed everyone below the title. Per Tony administration committee ( Rylance is eligible as a lead for Richard III, but a featured for Twelfth Night (Samuel Barnett is eligible as a lead for Twelfth Night, though).

  4. Actually, while the TD writer is under contract with HBO, there hasn't been a formal "renewal" yet. (Speculation is that they want to announce cast and possibly premise at the same time.)

  5. Joseph Finn12:05 PM

    Ah, OK. I retract my renewal assumption.

  6. Sorry about that, Adam. I know we all worked REALLY HARD to suppress that particular Emmy victory.

    I will be curious to see how Breaking Bad fares in the Emmys this year. We all know that last year's wins were for season 5.1... but season 5.2 was airing at the time. Now that the show's dead and gone (and Cranston, Paul, Gunn, and the show have all been awarded at least once), will Emmy voters actually move on?

    And, personally, if the Actor in a Drama Emmy had to go to one of the True Detective Guys, I'd easily give it to Harrelson over McConaughey. Though at this point, I'd probably give it to Matthew Rhys over either of them.

  7. MidwestAndrew1:15 PM

    Emmy + Tony = Tommy? Also, as good as McConaughey was, I still think Cranston is the man to beat in the Emmy category.

    I do have a question about the Tony inclusion in the EGOT. The EGO awards are all accessible no matter where you go: Music, TV and movies play largely across the country, to varying extents. You can usually access at least one of the award nominees no matter where you're at to form OPINIONS. However, Tony Awards are essentially rooted in NYC. I would love to have OPINIONS about stage performances, but the award-winning competitions might as well be on the Moon, since it's pretty inaccessible from Kansas. Am I way wrong here, or does the Tony feel like the odd one out?

  8. That's absolutely true for the production/design/performance categories, but there are a few Tony categories that are supposedly not production dependent:

    Best Score (though it can be hard to hear the scores unless you're in NY)
    Best Book (though most musicals don't get published in readable book form)
    Best Play (which is technically an award to the playwright, not based on the production)

  9. Tosy and Cosh3:35 PM

    Ah, I remember the days when I always knew the scores by Tony time and had an opinion, even though I saw very few shows. I used to be a bigger musical theater nerd . . .