Monday, March 3, 2014

IF PHILIP MICHAEL THOMAS CAN DO IT, WHY CAN'T US?  Liza Minnelli (1973), Helen Hunt (1998), and Helen Mirren (2007) have each won Oscar and Emmy Awards for performances during the same calendar year. Matthew McConaughey is widely expected to do the same later this year, because True Detective.  We need a name for this feat.


  1. Dave S5:38 PM

    Irish Bookends?

  2. Jim Bell5:53 PM

    1. Big Screen Small Screen. BSSS.
    2. Big Screen Idiot Box. BSIB.
    3. EMO (Emmy Oscar).
    4. MOTE (Movie Oscar TV Emmy)(as in "Mote in God's Eye")
    5. AFAIAODM (Awards for acting in a bunch of different media)
    6. The Helen Hunt Award (She makes me want to be a better man).
    7. The Liza Minnelli Award (No Jokes allowed).
    8. Captain EO award.
    9. Super Freak.
    10. TAMPA (Television And Motion Picture Award)
    11. TEMPO (Television Emmy Motion Picture Oscar)

  3. bill.6:47 PM

    Two awards, one year = TWOY
    three = tripoy
    4 = DAMN!

  4. Adam C.10:10 PM

    Combining Jordan and bill: A Helen of TWOY.