Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#TEAMHOLMES:  Philadelphia's WHYY is running a PBS vs. NPR March Madness bracket featuring first-round matchups for you to vote on including Kai Ryssdal vs. Robert Siegel, MacNeil & Lehrer vs. Bert &Ernie, Scott Simon vs. Melissa Block, and the Magliozzi brothers vs. Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich.

added: In other news, Carl Kassel will retire this spring and serve as Scorekeeper Emeritus of W,W...DTM!


  1. Joseph Finn9:20 AM

    Hmmm...fun, but at least 7 dead people on that bracket. Sue me, I like my competition between alive contestants.

  2. Andrew10:16 AM

    Here's the direct link to the bracket: http://www.whyy.org/madness/

  3. Adam B.11:01 AM

    whoops. fixed main link.

  4. Mr. Cosmo2:38 PM

    Extremely harsh to put MacNeal/Lehrer against Bert and Ernie in the first round.