Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ME AND RICHARD GOT TO BE PRETTY GOOD FRIENDS. NOT IN A HOMOSEXUAL WAY, THAT'S FOR SURE: For March, Vulture is doing a juried bracket competition featuring the top 16 reality seasons of all time, including the absolutely correct seasons for ANTM (2), Survivor (1), Top Chef (6-Vegas), and The Real World (SF); possibly correct for Amazing Race (they went with Chip/Kim v Colin/Christie; I might have gone with FloZac and the ModelTwins) and Project Runway (they said 2, I say 1); and no-way-correct on American Idol, for which they went with Clay-Ruben instead of The Battle of the Davids.

MIA: Hard Knocks, Joe Millionaire, The Joe Schmo Show.


  1. Roger1:55 PM

    What, no Survivor: Race Wars?

  2. Also missing "Kid Nation" and any "Challenge" reps.

    I also hate the Vulture juried brackets, as different writers evaluate on different criteria. I remember both their Sitcom and Drama versions leaving a lot to be desired.

  3. Randy2:47 PM

    Their selection for TAR is absolutely correct, if only for "My ox is broken!" (Plus, it was a genuinely thrilling finale.)

    As for Project Runway, I still say season 4 is the best. Christian, Chris, Rami, Jillian - that's a great final four. And the show has still not topped Chris and Christian's insanely awesome couture design.

  4. Actual conversation from Friday night, when my girlfriend was helping me pack up my apartment for my Saturday move:

    GF: You have Survivor on DVD!?!?!?!
    Russ: Season 1!! [Note: Actually the "best of" season 1, not the whole season.]
    GR: Still. Survivor??
    Russ: Season 1! I get a pass on that. Everyone should own Survivor Season 1!

  5. I mean: Richard Hatch! Rudy! Kelly! Tapioca! Snake and Rat! Jenna! Gervais! Eating actual rats!

  6. Joseph Finn3:16 PM

    Seriously, no Joe Schmo show? No My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss? (Yes, you can tell my taste in reality TV from that.)

  7. Eric J.7:17 PM

    Burning Love?

  8. Joseph Finn7:45 PM

    Excellent choice!

  9. Marsha11:56 AM

    I've said it before, but I'd put the first season of Dream Job up against, pretty much anything. I miss that show.