Wednesday, March 5, 2014

COULD BE? WHO KNOWS?  Steven Spielberg might be interested in remaking West Side Story.

In vaguely related news, I didn't know until I saw that next-year's-Oscars preview that Clint Eastwood had directed a Jersey Boys film for release this summer.


  1. Eric J.7:19 PM

    I wonder if he would do the version that had Spanish-language songs from a couple of years ago.

  2. Joseph Finn7:43 PM

    Was one of them I Feel Pretty? Because boy, that song bugs me for Maria, pretty much just off the boat, to be singing.

  3. Eric J.7:50 PM

    According to the track listing on Amazon, yes: Me Siento Hermosa. The Spanish lyrics and dialog were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, of In the Heights and NPH's Tony Award raps.

    And Sondheim completely agrees with you. He cringes at the words he put into Maria's mouth.

  4. Joseph Finn8:47 PM

    WHOA, Miranda did them? Buying it right now!

  5. Joseph Finn3:33 PM

    That, I don't disagree with; it's some of the word choices I find questionable.

  6. Marsha11:42 AM

    I saw the production. It was very interesting to ahve more of Maria's dialogue and singing be in Spanish - obviously, it helped that I (and presumably most of the audience) was very familiar with the source material. But it did bring a major added dimension to the show. and Karen Olivo was brilliant as Anita, so the soundtrack is worth it for that.