Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WHEN DID THIS CITY GET SO MUSICAL?  First trailer for the Jamie Foxx-Quvenzhané Wallis-Cameron Diaz Annie remake is now online.

Warbucks is now "Benjamin Stacks," and he's a wealthy politician seeking to exploit a sassy foster child as part of an election campaign. Rose Byrne is Grace, but no sign of Rooster, Lily St. Regis, or the Lovely Boylan Sisters.


  1. Grrr..why do we get a trailer for this and not even a bit of footage of Into The Woods yet? (I'm assuming that Disney rolls that out either with Muppets Most Wanted or Maleficient.)

  2. Joseph Finn12:02 AM

    And where is my Last Five Years trailer?

  3. Jordan8:55 AM

    Well, the two MCU trailers that Disney's rolled out recently have gotten me pretty excited, so I'm not going to be too critical of them.

  4. I'm hoping they bring in a bit of Harold Gray's vitriolic hatred of FDR and the New Deal somehow.

    Sometimes I think Gray and Ayn Rand were mirror images of each other...