Tuesday, April 29, 2014

THE BIG TEN, SIX, OR WHATEVER:  FiveThirtyEight polls Midwesterners to try to determine which states are in the Midwest.

In related linkage, via Marsha: a neat five-minute video on the US-Canada border and its many quirks, always a favorite around here.


  1. Joseph Finn8:40 PM

    Seriously, who are the 19% who think Illinois, the capital of the Midwest, is not part of the Midwest? It's the freaking center of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan, the rest of the Midwest.*

    *Missouri is the one I pause on. But overall, I think it's South.

  2. My criteria is the midwest touches the Mississippi river but isn't too far south: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri.

  3. MidwestAndrew11:38 PM

    I've grown up and lived in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri (and interned in Illinois). I always thought the Midwest was more of what others would call the Great Plains and felt that Ohio/Indiana/Illinois/Michigan were more the "Great Lakes region." But Midwest is very hard to define. The only boundary for absolute certain is the Mountain time zone and the Mississippi/Ohio Rivers, as best as I can tell.

  4. Jordan9:17 AM

    Does it have to be a whole state? I have long believed that Pittsburgh is in the Midwest.