Thursday, May 1, 2014

OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN THE FIELD OF EXCELLENCE:  With the slow death spiral of the soap opera, the Daytime Emmy Awards continue their spiral into obsolescence, but there are a few interesting tidbits in the nominations:

  • Several nominations in major categories for online/streaming programs, including both the attempted online revival of One Life To Live and the movie spinoff Turbo: FAST.
  • Family Feud, Millionaire, and Wheel of Fortune are all passed over in Best Game Show in favor of The Chase (well deserved), and The American Bible Challenge (less deserved).  Interestingly, though the shows are not nominated, Steve Harvey (for Feud) and Todd Newton (for Family Game Night) are nominated for Best Game Show Host.  Brooke Burns (the weak link in The Chase) is not.
  • Regular Soup whipping boy America Now! is nominated for Outstanding Lifestyle Program, against This Old House.  (And don't ask what the difference is between a "Lifestyle Program" and "Talk Show/Informative," where The Chew falls.)
  • The ever-delightful category of "Outstanding Special Class Special" does feature a nomination for NPH as co-host of the Disney Parks Christmas Parade special.
  • EGOT Watch!  Alan Cumming is up for a voiceover performance.  If Cabaret re-records this revival, he would be eligible for a Grammy for that, which would leave him only an Oscar.  Lin-Manuel Miranda is up for a song he wrote for Sesame Street, and already has a Grammy and Tony for In The Heights.  Assuming the In The Heights movie ever happens, he'd seem to have a very a good shot.


  1. Alex_Gordon1:09 PM

    No noms for Doc McStuffins?

  2. Eric J.1:22 PM

    Lin-Manuel Miranda deserves a special Emmy for his Tony Awards songs and raps.

  3. Marsha3:35 PM

    I know this is not something to say lightly around here, but I have enjoyed Celebrity Game Night or whatever it's called. It's great fold-the-laundry TV. I can't imagine I'd make a habit out of it, but it scratches the same pretty-people-having-fun itch that Battle of the Network Stars used to.

  4. bristlesage3:54 PM

    I totally get that, Marsha. I watch when I remember it's on. I get so annoyed at some of them, though!

    Have you read the breakdowns of them?

  5. Hollywood Game Night can work well, but much can depend on the interest the celebrities have in actually playing the game (rather than just getting attention for themselves) and the quality of the "civilian" players (some of whom are REALLY terrible).

  6. Marsha4:07 PM

    I have read some of them - very amusing. My favorite game is the one with the exploding bowl - I've only seen it once, but I want to rig one of those up to play at home!

  7. bristlesage4:10 PM

    Clue-boom, they call it, and YES. It is definitely the best game.

  8. Marsha4:12 PM

    It's genius. Fun and tense and silly. I suspect they'll never market a Clue-Boom thing you can purchase, because liability, but such a thing has to be home-make-able, right?

  9. Guess Ron Swanson was on the nominating panel.