Friday, May 9, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS, DARREN ARONOVSKY AND RUSSELL CROWE:  After its fourteen years atop the charts, Jacob has been displaced by Noah and Liam as the most popular baby boy's name. Sophia, Emma, and Olivia top the girls' chart for 2013.

Big risers include Jayceon (and Jayse/Jayce), Milan, Atlas, and Duke for the boys; Daleyza, Marjorie, Lennon, Jurnee, and Everlee/Everleigh for girls. Also rising: Arya and boys' names starting with Bran.

[Added: Vox on the rise of Arya and Khaleesi, but there were only seventeen Katnisses.]

Among the top fallers are a lot of irregularly-spelled boys' names ending in schwa-n (Austen, Masen, Trevon, Jaidyn, etc), while z's are out-of-favor for girls (Litzy, Jazzlyn, Maritza, Izabelle).  Also Geraldine.


  1. MidwestAndrew2:24 PM

    We're expecting twins (one of each) in September, and none of our planned names are on this list. We don't have GoT names, but we do have a Dark Tower name planned for a boy, so our nerdiness is intact, I guess.

  2. Hodor remains out of the top 1000 names. When reached for comment, Hodor replied, "Hodor? Hodor Hodor! Hodor."

  3. Adam B.3:02 PM


  4. Duvall4:14 PM

    I mean, if you *have* to give your child a name for life from a work of genre fiction, you probably shouldn't pick the name of a character that could easily end up developing into a violent sociopath.

  5. victoria8:59 PM

    People were naming their kids Litzy?! Egads.

  6. Not named Fred9:19 AM

    But what about...

  7. Joseph Finn10:12 AM


  8. Joseph Finn10:15 AM

    Let the speculation begin. Roland? Eddie? Balazar? Jack Mort?

  9. MidwestAndrew12:09 AM

    Roland. I have no problem with that. One of our leading contenders for middle name is a certain animated FX ocelot lover.

  10. Joseph Finn8:59 PM

    Roland Archer...that's pretty awesome.