Sunday, May 11, 2014

CHEWBACCALAUREATE:  A Mother's Day weekend tradition unlike any other, which we've covered since our beginning, the 2014 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt concludes today. Here's the list of items and tasks, including:

  • Max Weber Grillz. [1 point]
  • It sucks that the Mummer's Parade is always getting canceled. Let's make it more durable by combining it with another Philadelphia tradition: the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. Your `Fancy' Kinetic Sculpture Mummer ought to walk, not roll, but it need not be bipedal. Otherwise, it should adhere to the Derby's rules. Points for functionality and decoration. [175 points] 
  • An eggplant boat that can carry at least one vegetable passenger. It should be propelled by a mechanism (sails, engine, etc.) that uses at least one vegetal component. [6 points]
  • I've had the Scav of my life, and I owe it all to you. In particular, your ability to perform the Dirty Dancing lift. [3 points. 5 points if you put Baby in a corner and lift the Judge instead]
  • "This Crazy College's Coed Scavenger Hunt Blew Our Minds, Such That We Were Forced To Write About Them On This Totally Legit Professional Internet Blog" [Up 10 points based on noteworthiness of website via Alexa scale]
  • A signed apology from an accredited member of the Star Wars Holiday Special cast or crew. [10 points. Up to 30 points for a major actor. 40 points for George Lucas]
  • We all know that The O ce and House of Cards are imports from across the Pond, but did you know Parks and Rec is too? Neither did I! And I won't believe it until I see the opening credits and a few minutes of Britro tted footage from the original 1980s version of the show. [7 points]
  • A Shaq-in-the-box, Shaq'o'Lantern, and battleShaqxe. [3 points each, and that's a fact]


  1. Joseph Finn10:41 AM

    Only 7 points for the Parks and Rec video? I'd watch that in a second.

  2. christy in nyc12:11 PM

    I feel like just reading this list is kind of a personality test, because each and every one of them sounds like something I could see myself really enjoying doing for its own sake. But the thought of doing them under an intense deadline, in competition with others, changes the whole thing around to "NO"

  3. J. Bowman3:49 PM

    Please. NO ONE puts Baby in a corner.

  4. Roger9:34 PM

    Wee Sebastian!

  5. Roger9:39 PM

    "191. I’m convinced that with a little Ron Howard narration and some chipper ukulele music, Breaking Bad could be just as funny as Arrested Development. I’m convinced it would take nothing else besides those two things. [11 points]"

  6. bellawilfer12:38 PM

    Okay, so what's the best strategy to win this thing? Do you go for a few of the crazy-high point value tasks or just do a ton of the little ones? As Joseph Finn says below, seems insane that the Parks and Rec one is only 7 points! I want intel, either from folks who've done it before or folks who are just good at game theorizing...

  7. One thing to remember is that a bunch of the items are Road Trip related (this year, to Detroit and Ontario), so are knocked out by the same group. And it's also a volume game--the largest teams tend to win because they can divide and conquer, especially on the specialty things (like "build a laser").