Wednesday, May 14, 2014

HOMER, I HAVE TO GO OUT TO PICK UP SOMETHING FOR DINNER:  How to cook a steak indoors on a cast-iron skillet, and apparently I've been doing it wrong.


  1. Joseph Finn10:36 AM

    Yep, that's about right (though I skip the drying if I just got it that day and we're hungry). I tend to avoid the salt and season with black pepper and dry mustard, just because it tastes better.

  2. I was expecting something like:

    1. Open all windows.
    2. Disable smoke alarms.
    3. Install attic fan to quickly clear the house of smoke.

  3. Libby1:08 PM

    I use this recipe:
    Very simple but really yummy.

  4. Andrew2:02 PM

    I've used Alton Brown's similar cast iron seared steak recipe to delicious success

    It works well, except for setting off the smoke alarm and making my small apartment smell of steak and smoke.

    I did preorder the Anova Precision Cooker on their Kickstarter and am interested in trying some sous vide steak

    THere's some more science on steak cooking from the Food Lab

  5. Watts1:06 PM

    I'd been trying the Bittman method, which involves the oven. With only mixed and occasional success.

    For poor saps like me who only have electric stovetops, do you think Moskin's method will work?