Friday, May 16, 2014

WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? As the transitional and--let's face it--lackluster season of SNL wraps up tomorrow night with the return of Ras Trent, Uproxx lays down the odds on which cast member Lorne is likely to axe this summer, with the biggest surprise being the 8-1 chance they give 11-year vet Keenan Thompson of having enough time on his schedule to finally make that Good Burger sequel we've been clamoring for.


  1. Adam B.10:03 PM

    Gone: Noel Wells, a whole lot of new white guys who didn't make an impact.

    Kenan Thompson didn't do WUWT? all season, given Sudeikis', Hader's, and Armisen's departures. It's a loss.

  2. I don't think Kenan is likely to be "fired," but I suspect there might be a "mutual decision made to move on."

    And I don't know how much blame goes on Jost for the lackluster year--yes, he's been a mediocre (at best) Update co-host, but we've seen the emergence of a couple of decent recurring bits (Fox and Friends and Mornin' Miami).

  3. Joseph Finn10:23 PM

    Even worse, we haven't seen the ridiculously underappreciated Charles Barkley talk show in forever. And if they lose Thompson they have to find another go-to talk show host again.