Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SKYWALKER/SOLO '16:  FiveThirtyEight goes all FiveThirtyEight on polling data about Star Wars, including character approval ratings (Emperor Palpatine has a higher favorability rating than Jar Jar Binks), film ratings (I suspect skewed by some respondents not knowing what A New Hope is), and who shot first.


  1. Joseph Finn5:10 PM

    A) Boba Fett ranks lower than freakin' Padme?

    B) I was hoping there would be a favorability question on the scary, noble guerrilla cannibal warriors from Return of the Jedi.

  2. Barney Stinson has already given us Ewok-related data analysis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHe1Nwb8zr4

  3. Joseph Finn5:31 PM

    I put the lie to that theory, Barney. I was born May 9, 1973 and I like the Ewoks. Barney did much better with the Mendoza Diagonal.


  4. Duvall5:38 PM

    Emperor Palpatine has a higher favorability rating than Jar Jar Binks.

    How many attacks by the Yuuzhan Vong did we have under the Palpatine Administration? That's what I thought.

  5. Jordan8:12 PM

    I loved Boba Fett when I first saw the movies. He's a bounty hunter and he looks awesome. But you know what? Boba Fett kinda sucks. When we finally see him in action, he just kinda stands around until he gets bumped into a dies. Way to be.