Monday, July 21, 2014

THIS ARTICLE REQUIRED BRAAAINNS TO WRITE:  Yes, the Iowa Law Review has published a paper analyzing whether or not a person who died and returned to life in a zombie plague or uprising would be "dead" for purposes of the federal estate tax.


  1. Jordan4:24 PM

    I've been writing reports on changing tax rates for the last few weeks and I feel like it may be turning me into a zombie.

  2. Benner4:49 PM

    The Iowa Writers Workshop, however, thought the use of science fiction tropes to be unoriginal and a crutch, and the focus on the estate tax to reflect economic privilege. They suggested that Professor Chodorow refocus his attention to the complicated and unresolved relationship of the heir to his late father. Shorter sentences, as well.

  3. Adam C.5:08 PM

    Simple answer, provided right in the dialogue of Night of the Living Dead:
    "Are they slow moving, Chief?"
    "Yeah, they're dead. They're all messed up."
    So, they're dead.

  4. Joseph Finn5:43 PM

    You're on the road to wellville with that comment.

  5. Wait a second. The Monster Manual says they're UNdead. And the Monster Manual never lies.

  6. Jordan10:13 AM

    On In the Flesh, they are referred to as "partially deceased," which complicates things further.

  7. Adam C.10:28 AM

    Apples and oranges. Your black magicks zombies (a la Monster Manual, "White Zombie," "The Serpent and the Rainbow") are reanimated by people for specific purposes that typically do not involve eating the living, but do often involve performing uncompensated menial tasks. Your "plague" zombies (a la George A. Romero, Robert Kirkman, etc.) are reanimated by virus/space radiation/chemical waste/other "natural" causes and have a compulsion to eat your flesh, innards, and braaaaiiiiins, but in most depictions are not capable of performing useful labor or even wielding simple tools. Draw your tax conclusions appropriately.

  8. Adam C.5:32 PM

    I was not aware of In the Flesh. I'll have to rectify this omission somehow (despite not having BBC America). Is it streaming anywhere?

  9. Jordan10:39 PM

    I've got to find that out myself, as I missed the broadcast of the second series. But it's definitely worth searching out. Without giving away too much, it goes back to the old school zombie movie way of thinking, in which there's more meaning to zombies than monster chasing the heroes.