Monday, August 11, 2014

ALSO WOULD HAVE WON "BEST DERRIERE" IN 1978: So Donald Sutherland won Best Villain at last night's Teen Choice Awards (he also have two Golden Globes and an Emmy), and I couldn't help but wonder: had they started the Teen Choice Awards before 1999, what might the field in some of the award categories have looked like?

For example: 1984, Best Movie Villain—F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus), Morris Day (Purple Rain), Ted McGinley (Revenge of the Nerds), Billy Zabka (Karate Kid), or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? (That year's Choice Music: Electronic Dance Music Artist would have been Harold Faltermeyer, of course.)

Your turn.


  1. But only if Harold Faltermeyer confirmed that he would be attending that night. #TeensDontHaveAChoiceAwards

  2. If we be the last arbiters at the gateways of pop culture, let me decree: "The 'T' in 'EGOT' is not attainable by way of a 'Teen Choice Award.'"

  3. Apparently, there is much to-do in certain sectors of the Internet because the rules for the show contain a proviso that allows producers (not "teen voters") to choose the actual winners and several winners were told "hey, you're winning, you might want to show up!" before the voting period ended. That said, if producers were manipulating the results, wouldn't they be a lot more interesting than One Direction, TFIOS, and Divergent winning everything in sight? (Seriously, One Direction or a One Direction member won every category in which it was nominated.)