Thursday, August 14, 2014

ON THE OTHER HAND, DANCING BABY GROOT:  Slate argues that the packaging of the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack as "Awesome Mix: Volume 1" is inconsistent with the film.  (And yes, Tuesday night, I did score 15/16 points on an "identify the title and artist of songs from the Awesome Mix from a short clip" round at trivia--missing only the title of the Bowie song.)


  1. I read this article shortly before seeing this post, and I have to say -- it's easy to beat up on Slate, but that doesn't mean it's wrong to beat up on Slate. Um, pedantic much?

  2. I pointed this out after my second time seeing the movie, and I kind of feel like a douche for doing so. But I also feel vindicated that Slate also noticed.