Friday, September 19, 2014

HEY HEY HEY:  Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of The Cosby Show.  There's much to discuss, including the sweaters, whether we'll ever have another sitcom with the lead expressly billed above the title (all eight seasons opened with "Bill Cosby in The Cosby Show"), and which of the eight show openers was the best and the worst.  (The "interpretive dance in beach attire" of Season 5 is unquestionably the weirdest.)


  1. Adam B.11:55 AM

    4 (McPherrin) and 6 (Apollo) are the best.

  2. Joseph Finn12:22 PM

    #4 is the best, for me. #5 gets a lot of points for being the only title sequence i can think of that was choreographed by a Bond villain.

    #8...I somehow had forgotten existed.

  3. Maret Orliss2:35 PM

    I concur on 4 for season opener. Do we all agree that of all the kids, Theo was the one with the most "classic" episodes?

  4. The five greatest Cosby sweaters:

    While I think they're kind of off on some of these, I do love the track one.