Monday, September 15, 2014

WHOSE CUISINE REIGNS SUPREME?  The AV Club ranks every cooking competition show, segregating self-contained standalone competitions from serialized, season-long fare. (A better question, perhaps: rank the Top Chef seasons?)


  1. Marsha3:56 PM

    I am also fond of season 4 - Stephanie Izard and Richard Blais (and also Antonia, Spike, and Dale), which I think is the first season where everyone was cooking at an insanely high level from really early on. You are correct, however, that Season 6 is the pinnacle of Top Chef on every metric.

  2. I'd add that Blais, Dale, and Antonia truly shone in All-Stars, whose shocking reveal towards the end of Antonia and Mike's relation to each other makes it my second favorite. (Their duel was good clean fun.)

  3. Jenn.2:33 PM

    I agree, except that I'd put Kevin WAY higher on the list of pluses. In related news, his cookbook is outstanding.