Friday, October 31, 2014

HOGGY WARTY HOGWARTS!  Spurred by last night's Harry Potter thread, the comments on Sepinwall's review of last night's Parenthood have become a spirited discussion of which Hogwarts House the various characters would be sorted into.  This gives us an opportunity to sort other pop culture figures into their appropriate houses.  Don't forget to justify your answer!


  1. Joseph Finn12:23 PM

    The Friends!

    Monica: Slytherin. She prizes order over anything else.

    Chandler: Gryffindor. He's a shambles with a good heart and mind.

    Joey: Gryffinder, because Chandler needs a sidekick.

    Rachel: Hufflepuff. Everyone, including herself, underestimates her mind and her willingness to work on something she cares about.

    Ross: Gryffindor, but one of the useless ones.

    Phoebe: Ravenclaw, same as the great Luna Lovegood. Easiest pick of them all.

  2. Randy2:11 PM

    The Sopranos:

    Everyone's a Slytherin, except AJ, who's a damn Hufflepuff.

  3. Genevieve7:56 PM

    How did I never see the Phoebe/Luna connection before?

  4. Joseph Finn8:36 PM

    Even Melfi?

  5. The Big Bang Theory:

    Sheldon: Ravenclaw - he's all about the intelligence and book learning.

    Leonard: Gryffindor - he's got a good heart, has the smarts, and is brave (sometimes stupidly) when necessary.

    Penny: Hufflepuff. Totally.

    Howard: Tough one, but I'm going with Gryffindor. He's grown a lot, and has the heart, brains and courage. (Jeez, now I feel like I'm selecting for Wizard of Oz roles.)

    Raj: Hufflepuff, because he's really just a big sweetheart.

    Bernadette: Slytherin. That girl has got a dark side.

    Amy Farrah Fowler: Ravenclaw. She's got a heart, but her choice of Sheldon means she prizes intellect first.