Monday, November 3, 2014

REENACT ALL THREE ITERATIONS OF RUN LOLA RUN! Watts will be in Berlin (the one in Germany, not the one in Connecticut with all the chain restaurants) from 11/12 - 11/14. What should she, a not-fluent German speaker, be seeing/doing/eating?


  1. I've already had suggested to me going to see the Nefertiti bust. Other than that, I haven't made a start on planning.

    I'll also be in Warsaw for a couple of days after Berlin, but I'm staying with my former exchange student and his family, so I imagine I'll do whatever they want. Although they might ask me what *I* want to do - so I'll take suggestions for Warsaw too.

  2. Most of the museums in Berlin are fairly English friendly. I definitely suggest the German History Museum (fascinating for the not entirely positive depiction of German history), the Jewish Museum (not the easiest to get to, as I recall, but moving and interesting architecturally), and the Holocaust memorial.

    Eat a currywurst, and use the U-Bahn/S-Bahn, which were quite easy to navigate.

  3. Joseph Finn12:02 PM

    By all accounts, the Holocaust museum is a must see. Sadly, you'll be there 3 days too late for the Berlin Wall 25th anniversary events.

  4. Jordan12:14 PM

    My parents were there earlier this year and I know they spent a good deal of time around the Potsdamer Platz

  5. Adam B.12:45 PM


  6. Chris with an H1:23 PM

    The Holocaust memorial is incredibly moving.
    The main train station and the Riechstag are both impressive pieces of architecture.
    A visit to Checkpoint Charlie may be a little cheesy, but I'd still recommend it.

  7. Chris1:57 PM

    Bowie Walk

  8. Watts2:32 PM

    I know - I would love to see this:

  9. Joseph Finn2:35 PM

    You get ONE of those on your birthday.

  10. I would suggest Checkpoint Charlie itself, but the privately owned museum there, as I recall, is expensive and not particularly good.

  11. Jim Bell7:31 PM

    Doner Kabab, Currywurst, Schnitzel, Schnitzel Schleswig Holstein . . . Go Watts Go. Eat. Isst du. Essen Sie. Germans (like everybody) love Americans who speak even a few halting words, since there expectations for us are so very low… If you show you can eat, they will feed you. Count on it.

  12. Jim Bell7:32 PM

    And the Mustafa place for Doner Kabab shows up on a lot of lists...

  13. Anne5710:21 AM

    It is worth it to wait in line for the Reichstag tour, the views from, and of, the top are incredible.

    Also, they have laid a line of bricks in to the ground to show the entire path of the Berlin wall. It's pretty easy to follow from behind the Brandenburg gate and very interesting to see the differences that still persist between East and West even though a lot of the city has been renewed architecturally.