Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FAKE NEWS DESK:  Despite Rosewater failing to be a big hit, Jon Stewart apparently wants to do something else, and announced at this afternoon's taping of The Daily Show that he will be leaving the anchor desk, and Comedy Central has confirmed he'll be leaving later this year (no specific date).


  1. Maret Orliss7:01 PM

    There isn't going to be a TDS with Jon Stewart or a Colbert Report during the 2016 election. I cannot deal.

  2. Joseph Finn7:33 PM

    This is when I announce I'm the new host of the Daily Show. Get ready for a lot of complaining about things.

  3. Adam B.9:22 PM

    The Daily Show with Amy Poehler

  4. Roger9:51 PM

    Which would be better, The Daily Show with Amy Poehler or SNL run by Tina Fey?

  5. Jordan11:43 PM

    NBC Nightly News with Jon Stewart

  6. Adam B.7:02 AM

    Why can't we have both?

  7. bill.8:24 AM

    get ready for "Rally to Restore Speed Bumps in the Left Hand Lane" starring all of your favorite authority figures wagging their fingers in disappointment at America.

  8. Adam B.10:30 AM

    One thing which occurs to me this morning is that when Stewart got the job in 1999, he was not thought of as a topical-newsy guy at all. Just that he was smart, and long thought of as "the next big late night host".

  9. Andrew11:51 AM

    Exactly. Who would have expected in 1999 that Jon Stewart would have had such a good vision for making a topical comedy show that takes on issues and has a viewpoint. It's hard to think of a comic today that is doing what Jon does, but he wasn't doing that when he started the show.

    Of the current correspondents, I do think a Bee/Jones co-hosted show could be an interesting dynamic. I would also love to see John Hodgman's version of the Daily Show.

    If they want to take a proven commodity, they could back up the truck full of money to Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

    For Conan O'Briening a writer into a disturbingly bright spotlight, Mike Schur could take off the Mose beard.

  10. Duvall3:32 PM

    SNL run by Tina Fey was just okay, so probably the former.