Monday, April 13, 2015

MUSIC WOULD PLAY AND FELINA WOULD WHIRL:  Craig Calcaterra performs a comprehensive review to determine which MLB team's AAA city is the biggest downgrade from, and which destinations constitute upgrades to, the Big Show.


  1. Watts4:51 PM

    With Turner Field I'd call Gwinnett a downgrade from Atlanta. But now that they're moving to the 285 perimeter in Cobb County, it's essentially "Which mostly suburban community with lousy traffic and masses of big box stores and chain restaurants do you prefer?" (Personally, I'd go Coolray over whatever they build in Cobb County. Sure, it's the minors, but the parking is easier, the prices are cheaper, and the seats are better.)

    (Also, also, the current stadium is on Hank Aaron Drive. Unless/until they rename streets in Cobb County, they'll likely be on a street named after a politician and/or shopping center. Blech.)

  2. Duvall5:27 PM

    A politician would be a relief. I'm just hoping the address isn't on Comcast Office Park Road.

  3. Watts5:28 PM

    By politician, I mean the Cobb that the county, and presumably, all the streets around there are named after.

  4. Adam C.5:39 PM

    That's where Michael Jordan played during his vacation from basketball, so as a non-Sox fan, that's why I think of Birmingham.

  5. bill.8:46 PM

    "Downgrade" is heavily factored by which part of the metro area you're in. The Gwinnett Braves stadium is an hour drive me for that includes the death trap of north 285 and I-85. I'd rather drive an extra 40 minutes to see the Chattanooga minor league team than deal with the stress of driving to Suwanee/Lawrenceville.