Monday, April 13, 2015

THRONES/GOOD WIFE/MAD MEN, SAVE OLIVER FOR TONIGHT:  How the hell do you organize your DVRs/viewing preferences for nights as crowded as Sunday nights now are?

(And farewell, Last Man on Earth. Maybe I'll catch up with on-demand.)


  1. DVRed At normal time: Good Wife (padded an hour), Last Man On Earth (which steered out of a potential skid this week with Schaal's plotline), Silicon Valley, Veep, Last Week Tonight. (Watched all but Veep last night.)

    Late night rebroadcast: Game of Thrones, Mad Men.

    I'll admit that due to the combination on DVR pileup and losing interest, I dropped Blacklist feom the rotation, and came very close to dropping New Girl for iZombie. iZombie seems likely to repeat over the summer, though.

  2. christy in nyc4:08 PM

    DVR Game of Thrones and Mad Men, make a big bowl of popcorn, watch them consecutively at enough of a delay so that I can fast-forward through the ads during Mad Men. Be on Cloud 9 for two hours.

    Everything else waits for On Demand.

    (Almost typed "simultaneously" instead of "consecutively," which would be interesting...and perhaps necessary if they add any more of my faves to Sunday nights).

  3. Joseph Finn4:14 PM

    With a two shows at a time DVR, I have Mad Men, Last Man On Earth, Silicon Valley, Veep, Last Week Tonight and GOT. I've nothing else that needs worrying about.

  4. Becca4:30 PM

    I have a 4 tuner TiVo, but I don't get HBO, so that saves me some trouble. I suspect I might be recording a few different things than y'all. Who Do You Think You Are is must see TV for me, since I love the genealogy shows, and of course, Call the Midwife, though I guess I could watch that live since there are no commercials. I'm also still slogging through Once Upon a Time, though I'm not sure why. Habit?

  5. Marsha5:40 PM

    Two-show DVR. Record Good Wife with 1-hour pad (like Matt), Mad Men, and Last Man on Earth at regular times. Record later re-airs of Silicon Valley, Veep, and Nurse Jackie. Watch Good Wife/Mad Men/Nurse Jackie on Sunday night with TV buddy who comes over each week. Watch others Monday night - now that BCS is done, I am recording absolutely nothing on Monday nights so it's good for catch up.

  6. Yes, Monday is pretty bland for me, especially once Scorpion wraps for the season next week. (Happily so, since it's my normal pub quiz night.)

  7. Joseph Finn6:12 PM

    But...but...Gotham! (Yeah, I know, but I'm still watching for the occasional flashes of goodness.)

  8. I won't spoil the Special Guest who appeared at the end of John Oliver, but that person has really impressed me with (singular-possessive) their appearances of this sort. Good for em!

  9. Watch Game of Thrones and Mad Men live. DVR The Good Wife, Silicon Valley, Veep and John Oliver.

    Of course, I forgot to pad The Good Wife and ended up having to watch it on In Demand, with commercials that couldn't be fast forwarded. Bah. I thought football season was over?!

  10. Adam C.6:02 PM

    4-tuner DVR, but I've resigned myself at this point to cutting back significantly on the shows with which I can actually keep same-day current. Mad Men's pretty much the only Sunday show that fits that description (and Walking Dead when it's on). On Tuesdays, Justified and The Flash, and I'll usually get to SHIELD and iZombie within the week. Thursdays, Louie. We save Survivor for Friday nights, and I'll get to TAR later on Friday or Saturday. Everything else stacks up and I watch an episode here and there as I can (@Midnight, Last Week Tonight, Daily Show, Bob's Burgers, LMOE), or I save the season to watch later (we're in the middle of Better Call Saul, and the stockpile includes The Americans, Silicon Valley, Fargo, Togetherness, and Sherlock S3).

  11. Hulu Plus, guys. Hulu Plus.