Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HI, I'M CONNOR:  Based on the popularity of your name when you were born, what name might you have been given if born in 2015?  

[My 1990s name is Brett; 1980s: Curtis.  In the 19-Aughts, I'd have been a Luther!]

added: We didn't really talk about last week's baby names data dump, so let me add two bullet points:

  • "Arya" is now more popular than "Jennifer."
  • "Khaleesi" was more popular last year than Wendy, Denise, Dana, Sandra, or Kristen.


  1. christy in nyc5:29 PM

    Hmm, for 2014 I got Jasmine, which was the name of my childhood cat.

    I remember several years ago I got Gracie, which always seemed like a perfect aughts version of Christy...a stylish-in-its-time, girly diminutive with Christian connotations/origins. All of which is such a wrongity wrong fit for me that it sort of comes back around to fitting me perfectly.

    Meanwhile if I'd been born my mother's birth year of 1951, I would be Valerie, which suits my deep, spiritual connection with Rhoda Morgenstern.

  2. Maret Orliss5:41 PM

    And I got "Sorry! We couldn't find data for girl's name "Maret" in 1975, meaning it shows up fewer than five times." Story of my life.

  3. Emma, Emily, Jessica, Jennifer, Mary, Linda, Mary

    The curse of Jennifer's popularity in 1971.

  4. Joseph Finn5:56 PM

    Good lord, it's a litany of solid, middle-of-the road and not flashy names. The only vaguely trendy one is probably Justin.

    2014: Benjamin
    2000: Justin
    1990: Anthony
    1980: Timothy
    1970: Timothy
    1960: Kenneth
    1950: Kenneth
    1940: Gary
    1930: Frank
    1920: Raymond
    1910: Raymond
    1900: Harry
    1890: Arthur

  5. Maret Orliss6:28 PM

    I did it again with my middle name (Rebecca) and my today name would be Harper, which I like. The rest were a little more traditional - Victoria, Tina, Lisa, etc.

  6. Jordan10:09 PM

    Jayden what the fuck? Nah, it's actually worse. Grayson. Lotta Nightwing fans, I guess. It said my 1980s name is Jesus, which is interesting, because I was born in the 1980s and my parents wanted a "J" name. Would have raised a lot of questions, though.

  7. Jordan10:11 PM

    If you go back far enough, you'll probably find a tv show or movie where the lead detectives are named Frank Raymond and Harry Arthur.

  8. Marsha10:23 PM

    I had the 219th most popular name in 1971. That means:

    Today: Melissa
    2000s; Lexi
    1990s: Keri
    1980s: Dena
    1970s: Marcie
    1960s: Lorrie
    1950s: Mable
    1940s: Wendy
    1930s: Pansy
    1920s: Elisabeth
    1910s: Lauretta
    1900s: Lina
    1890s: Donnie

    That's an odd group. You have alternate spellings, before-the-trend names, after-the-trend names, and, well, Pansy.

  9. Charlotte! My 2000s name is Megan, which is what my mom wanted to name me. If I switch from Rebecca to Becca, I get Aleigha. My 1990s name would be Izamar. Izamar!

  10. Julian? Then it gets worse: Jeremy, Antonio, Billy, …, Frederick, …, Edgar, Ed. I always thought Craig sucked as a name. Guess I was wrong.

  11. Andrew10:35 AM

    Interestingly, after being more popular in the 80s and 90s, 1978 Andrew is equivalent to 2014 Andrew. (#21 in 1978, #22 last year)

  12. Same for 1972.

  13. I'm glad to see that the name that we are contemplating for Baby Boy's first name has not been TOO popular in recent years....

  14. bellawilfer12:35 PM

    PANSY!! Love.

  15. bellawilfer12:36 PM

    2014: Olivia. 2000s: Hannah, 1990s: Ashley when I do it w/Amanda. When I do it w/Mandi, I get Blakeley, Celina, and Kandace, which are all amazing.

  16. The Pathetic Earthling6:30 PM

    What a delightful bit of news, Jenn. Congratulations.

  17. The Pathetic Earthling6:31 PM

    I got a solid "Henry" today for "Andrew"
    My Dad, Lester (though he goes by Jack), b 1936, would have been Santiago, which is also pretty cool.

  18. J. Bowman10:33 PM

    I'm Ethan. Oddly, despite having been born in the 70s, my 80s name is my actual first name, while my 70s name is not.

    In other news, the current frontrunner for my impending daughter's name is decidedly unpopular in 2014. Her 1920s name would have been Santa. Yeah, Santa.

  19. J. Bowman10:37 PM

    The w's 1980's name would have been* Penelope. So would her 1890's name.

    *no it wouldn't, because she was born in the 80s and that isn't her name. But we've all caught on to that by now.