Wednesday, May 13, 2015

LANGUAGE OF ORIGIN, PLEASE?  I've been thigh-deep in election season for so long that it's just now occurring to me that the National Spelling Bee is in two weeks. Among other things, it will be the final year of the Decade of Shivashankar, and Vanya's the only new member of the Five Timers Club.  (There are three four-timers as well.)  She's not the only sibling of a former winner -- younger brothers of 2013-14 winners Arvind Mahankali and Sriram Hathwar are also in the field.


  1. natalied65793:11 PM

    I'm pulling for Vanya. I watched her win Child Genius on Lifetime a few months ago and she is just a class act.

  2. Amber Born12:51 PM

    This might also be part of the Decade of Hathwar if you count the two (?) years where Sriram was eligible but didn't compete nationally.