Thursday, May 21, 2015

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU: There's an official Bee app this year, Buzzworthy, with the ability to "hives" to compete against each other next week based on the spellers everyone picks.  So, of course, we need to win this.  The access code for the ALOTT5MA hive is 7EFA53.


  1. Stefany12:43 PM

    You can join as many hives as you want - my code is 6BBE18.

  2. Devin McCullen10:11 PM

    I don't know if they've done this in the past, but I just found out that ESPNClassic is running 53 hours of Spelling Bees, from 7 PM on Monday through Midnight on Wednesday. Starting with 2002 up through 2014.

  3. Marsha12:18 AM

    It would have been much better for me not to know that.

  4. Rats! My DirecTV plan doesn't include ESPN Classic. Will anybody be watching and keeping a word list? I've found the words from 2003-2005 are exceptionally hard to find online.