Wednesday, May 20, 2015

GO AHEAD; DEAL IN ABSOLUTES IF YOU MUST:  One decade after its release, are we prepared to say nice things about Revenge of the Sith, if not quite offer thunderous applause?

Matt's original review is here, and the rest of Ten Years Ago This Week On The Blog will make you feel old.  (Tom v Ian on the Buoys, John Carter leaves ER, Michael Jackson on trial, we all get excited for NBC's The Law Firm reality series, and Matt wonders if Kenan Thompson and others should return to SNL.)


  1. It's worth noting that we were on Team Berlanti early. (I haven't watched last night's Flash yet, but by all accounts, it's most excellent, and Berlanti has 2/3 of my most anticipated shows next season in Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. The third is, obviously, The Muppets.)

  2. Marsha7:07 PM

    According to Wikipedia, Tai Babilonia never did marry David Brenner - they were still engaged at the time of his death last year.

  3. Joseph Finn7:44 PM

    It remains what I thought it was; decent and far better than the worst of the prequels, #2. Attack of Evil? Love on Naboo? I literally cannot remember what it's called.

    And the best for "making me feel old" from 10 years ago is easily:

    "Other new shows of potential interest include Kitchen Confidential, a comedy starring Bradley Cooper of Alias and Jack & Bobby as a chef,"


  4. Slowlylu10:30 PM

    Not to mention the high concept CBS show featuring Bob Saget