Friday, May 29, 2015

IT'S A THINKPIECE ABOUT A MID-LEVEL DIRECTOR STRUGGLING WITH HIS OWN LIMITATIONS IN THE HARSH FACE OF STARDOM:  Scott Tobias writes about the decline of Cameron Crowe's battered idealists:
His films are fundamentally about the pursuit of happiness, and without the abiding optimism that goodness is rewarded and happiness is achievable, Cameron Crowe would not be Cameron Crowe, and Hollywood would be poorer without him. But Crowe’s unwillingness to rethink his “battered idealist” character is stubbornness of a more self-destructive kind. ...


  1. That's a pretty unnecessary shot at "Furious 7," which has a better Rotten Tomatoes & than everything Crowe's done since "Almost Famous."

  2. Damn. I was somewhat excited about Aloha, despite the fact that Cameron Crowe hasn't made a movie I've gotten excited about in years. But after Say Anything, Jerry McGuire and Almost Famous... I'm always hoping the next one will blow me away, too.

  3. I can confirm Aloha is a complete mess, though I'm not sure how much of that is Crowe's fault vs. studio recutting. Yes, there are some nice moments, some witty dialogue, and McAdams and Stone both do their winsome thing well, but the plot is pretty much impenetrable, and I have no real idea what Cooper's job actually was (aerospace engineer?).