Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WEE, BEADY EYES:  Kentucky Fried Chicken is trying to rebrand, again, resurrecting The Colonel (as portrayed by Darrell Hammond) but, um ...
Perhaps KFC's biggest gamble: Reviving the long-dead visage of Colonel Sanders himself, "the brand’s greatest asset," with a handful of increasingly odd "web, broadcast, social media and in-store experiences." 
"Young people all have this idea that everyone can be a star on social media. Well, the Colonel was the consummate American showman," said Kevin Hochman, KFC's chief marketing officer. "People see him as an old person, because we haven't talked about him in a while. But he was the person with bling before bling was even a word."
Sounds like a totally outrageous paradigm to me.  Is the new Colonel edgy? in your face?  Does he get biz-zay, consistently and thoroughly?

[I also question the reporter's describing it as a "Cersei-Margaery-style battle with Chick-fil-A." There's got to be a better GoT analogy.]

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  1. Joseph Finn11:48 AM

    So...how are they ignoring the same reasons that Ole Miss changed their mascot?