Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WE HAVE SPIES. EVERYWHERE:  Here's the twelve words on today's preliminary spelling round.  (Vocab separately.)  They could do it via multiple choice, but y'all can do it without that assistance, right?

  • RITH-mih-kuh-lee, RITH-mihk-lee: Have you seen me on a dance floor? The opposite of that.
  • kuh-LAH-tuh-ruhl: underrated Tom Cruise film.
  • jih-BOOM: my daughter's been to sailing camp. She knows this I don't.
  • kap-SAY-uh-sihn, kap-SAY-sin:  what gets you on the Scoville scale
  • puh-ROOSH: literally, the color of a parakeet (in French)
  • tar-SOAR-uh-fee: stitching up eyelids, oh-ho-ho-ho!
  • cher-tuh-SEE-nuh: "a Renaissance Italian style of elaborate inlay of bone, ivory, light-colored wood, metal, or other material in stylized designs against a dark background"
  • gore-guh-NE-ahn: Medusa pictures used to scare away bad things
  • muh-NYEHR, muh-NYEH-uhr: cooked in brown butter. Filet of sole, maybe?
  • RAHN-duh-vel: a South African hut.
  • tah-BLEE-tuh: Pueblo headdress.
  • SCHMEAR-kayz, SCHMEAR-kay-zuh:  cottage cheese.


  1. isaac_spaceman5:42 PM

    Started easy, got harder quickly. Just wanted to ring in to note the Pixies ref.

  2. Uncle Spike7:17 PM

    I can't believe I missed that. Street cred seriously dwindling at this point.