Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BETTER THAN CHUCK E. CHEESE'S: Though September, the National Building Museum (my pick for most underrated museum in DC!) has a 10,000 square foot ball pit (for adults and kids alike!) set up in its Great Hall.


  1. AmyHow12:34 PM

    I am taking the kids on Friday! Planning to get there first thing figuring the balls will be most recently disinfected. Also taking the 14 year old to some performances of the Capital Fringe Festival for her birthday. Making the most of not working on Fridays in the summer.

  2. Christy in Philly2:10 PM

    I just think of Karen Walker on Will & Grace saying, "You're in a pit full of pinkeye!"

  3. Unrelatedly, all RiteAids in the DC area have Purell, Bacitracin, and Penicillin on sale through September!

  4. Joseph Finn9:35 PM


  5. Jordan1:28 PM

    I literally just accepted a job a block and a half from there. This wasn't even mentioned in the benefits package!