Friday, July 10, 2015

OIL CHECK: As is often the case after a Season of Game of Thrones, I end up with HBO for a month or two before I get around to canceling it.  I never seem to get around to working my way through the shows that I should: the Wire and such, but end up poking through their documentaries and such.  Anyway, I clicked on to The Rock's "Ballers" last night and ended up watching all three episodes.

I can't help by find Dwayne Johnson as an ex-NFL player turned financial manager.  He's of course as charming as hell, mind you.  But I can't decide if this show is good or just sort of a hot mess.  It's certainly fun.  I like the drama on this side of the athlete's life - post-career depression, egos and inadequacy, and all that.  I like the characters, I like the actors.  But I'm not sure I like the show or not -- the story arcs are thin interludes to The Rock flashing a smile or being awesome, after all.  But I'll keep at it.

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