Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SHARP CUT TO BLACK:  R.I.P., The Dissolve.


  1. Joseph Finn10:29 AM

    I don't have enough swearing for this. Great group of writers now out of work here on Chicago and elsewhere and a great community of commenters as well.

  2. Adam C.11:45 AM

    Huge loss - like Finn, I hope that the terrific writers/contributors/creators find another outlet for their work and for the community very soon.

  3. Eric J.2:46 PM

    The birth of The Dissolve mostly sucked the life out of the AV Club, and it became a site I only visit occasionally, as opposed to a daily destination. But I never picked up the habit of The Dissolve.

    Given that Rabin has brought "Flops" back, hopefully some other AV Club alumni will at least pick up some freelance work from their old home base.

  4. Slowlylu10:42 PM

    So heartbreaking. If only we (the audience) were given the option of paying for a subscription. It was my most visited site and though I never really commented I always appreciated reading some of the discussions.