Thursday, May 26, 2016

A TRADITION LIKE MANY OTHERS:  This year's computerized round, for your amusement:

SUHN-dree: items often found with your various ones
in-SHROWD, en-SHROWD: part of the traditional Jewish burial ritual (tahara)
JEH-muh-nayt: to pair
maa-duh-mwah-ZELL: a defunct women's magazine
uh-LOG-uh-mee: cross-fertilization
kih-ROP-uh-dist, kay-ROP-uh-dist, shuh-ROP-uh-dist: foot doctor
tuh-PEET-uhm: cell layer
POHL-ee-see-mee, puh-LISS-uh-me: this word has many meanings
hee-muh-tow-RUCK-uhs: a spinal heh-muh-rij
fweh-TAY: fancy leg turn
LAHKS-sheen-kuhn: a fancy German ham, "the salmon ham," etymology-wise
NOO-norsk, NEE-norsk: New Norwegian dialect.
Answers here, include the ne plus ultra of vocabulary exams.

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