Monday, May 23, 2016

I SING MY SONG FOR ALL TO HEAR:  Pantheon sketch, no question.

Ever since the day of the merger, more than twelve -- yes, twelve years ago, we've tried to do an annual "stay or go?" for the SNL cast. Here's my quickie take:
Vanessa Bayer: solid utility player. Can stay as long as she wants. Still [heart] Jacob, the Bar Mitzvah Boy. 
Beck Bennett: meh. 
Aidy Bryant: good straight woman. No reason to leave. 
Colin Jost: other than his interactions with Leslie Jones on Update, replaceable in the cast. He's not Seth Meyers.  
Taran Killam: I feel like he took a step back this year. Where did Les Jeunes de Paris go?  I'm still a fan. 
Kate McKinnon: the undisputed star of this cast. Keep her as long as you can. 
Kyle Mooney: I'm a fan of weirdness. He can stay. 
Bobby Moynihan: utility player. I'm fine with his staying. 
Jay Pharoah: needs more to do. Needs to evolve beyond impressions to angles -- yes, he can sound like Obama, but to what ends?  His Dr. Ben Carson, though, is wonderfully odd. 
Cecily Strong: second only to McKinnon in the cast. Can do it all.  
Kenan Thompson: As long as Darrell Hammond keeps the record, he can stay as long as he wants until that point. Disappointed we didn't get a What's Up With That? with Sudeikis and Armisen in the house this week. 
Sasheer Zamata: I want to see more. Underused. 
Michael Che: I like his comic voice. Keep him on Update. 
Pete Davidson: Unbelievable that he's only 22. Possibly the Mike Trout of this cast. Cannot let him leave. 
Leslie Jones: I wrote this post because Watts want to gush about her.  I don't know that she can do more than the one thing she does, but damn she does that brilliantly. 
Jon Rudnitsky: who?

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