Friday, August 29, 2003

I MISSED YOU TOO: Oh, yeah. I decided to take the whole week off and not tell y'all. Sorry. Between Jen's touring last week and FFL drafting this week (drafting from #4 in a 12-team league, started with Holmes, Dillon, Moulds and KRobinson, so I'm happy), and general end-of-summer cultural ennui (ooh! that Madonna sure is "shocking"!), there wasn't much to say. But I should've mentioned that at some point.

I'll be back next week, to gripe about faux urbanism; chart the further downfall arc of the Fab Five, which is happening exactly as I predicted (next step -- Ted and Jai, practice saying these lines for Lorne: "We've got a great show tonight! Counting Crows are here! We'll be right back!"); and, maybe, say a few last words on why the finale of The Amazing Race 4 was, perhaps, not quite amazing enough.

In the meantime, read the annual Dave Letterman Is Tired article, review the list of songs banned from AI3 (via A List A Day), be glad you're not this guy or this guy (or his wife), and we'll be back in a few days. Enjoy the sun.